Saint Electrics

The band was formed in Sofia in 2009 by Grisha Georgiev (bass/lead vocals) and Miroslav Ivanov (guitar/vocals). Over the years Saint Electrics went through a few member changes until Deyan Dragiev (drums) joined them in 2014 to complete the current line-up. The style they experiment in is indie/alternative/stoner rock.
“Pissed Off”, the first single from their upcoming album was recorded in the spring of 2014 in Bulgarian National Radio’s Studio 2 with Konstantin Raidovski (recording, mixing) and Gospodin Gospodinov-Geppy (mastering). Later, the full album was recorded at the Harmanli Community Centre, again, with Konstantin Raidovski. The band’s first video was shot to accompany their second single, Burning Bitter Sour Romance, which was completed in the winter of 2016 by the same studio team. In May 2017, their third single “Locked In This Town” won them the Bulgarian National Radio’s Special Award – a slot at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in 2018. A video was made for the track by Gospodin Gospodinov – Geppy. A song of theirs is featured in the alternative rock compilation “Credit to the nations”. Two other tracks are in a compilation put together by “Jack Daniels”. A Saint Electrics song is also featured in the soundtrack for the Bulgarian film production “A gun, a suitcase and three stinking barrels”