Green Rock Fest Ruse 2023

The festival will be held on September 9 and 10 at 7 p.m. in the Svoboda Square, in front of the Ruse Municipality building.

On the first night, the Popokatepetl band from Ruse, Bulgaria will play together with 3 winners of the online competition Green Rock Challenge following by the band from Serbia named The Big Deal. The headliner of the night will be the French band Reaven.

The second evening will be opened by the Hammer Dance from Ruse, Bulgaria together with 4 other winners of the Green Rock Challenge competition.

The popular Bulgarian band P.I.F. together with friends will play after that.

The special guest of the second night will be the rock star Ronnie Romero and the Bulgarian band Eridan.

The event is carried out on the initiative of the association “Green Rock Fest” with the financial support of the Municipality of Ruse, the municipal foundation “Ruse – City of the Free Spirit” and the sponsors: “Express Service” Ltd., “Stroitel” Ltd., “Skalni Materiali” JSC, “Prestige-92” Ltd., CashCredit, Regiocom Bulgarien, “Dialeti” Ltd., “Megachim” JSC, “Stroitelno Oborudvane” Ltd., “Proxima” Ltd., ViK Ruse Ltd., “Dominex Pro” Ltd., “Road Engineering” JSC, “Roan’ 90” Ltd., “SK Golyamo Vranovo Invest” AD, River Craft Beer, “Trifonov and Sons” Ltd., “Atanasov and Co” Ltd., “Auto Hit” Ltd., “Vitte Automotive Bulgaria” Ltd., UMBAL “Medica”, “UniCo ” Ltd., “Sonev and Sons” Ltd., “Elina-97” Ltd., Pepsi Bulgaria, “DM Solar” Ltd., “Transport and Trade” Ltd., Dunav Plaza Hotel and last but not least, friends of the festival.


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