D2 and Dicho

D2 is a Bulgarian music group, founded in 1999 by Dimitar Karnev (guitar) and Dicho Hristov (vocals). The other members of the group are Krassimir Todorov (keyboards), Alexander Obretenov (bass guitar), Yavor Alexandrov (drums) and Desislav Semerdzhiev (percussion). In this line-up they have released two albums – “Ice Girl” (2000) and “2002” (2002). “Ice Girl” became the best-selling music product on the Bulgarian market for the period up to 2006. [2] In 2005 the vocalist of D2, Dicho Hristov decided to leave the band and start a solo career. Later that year, he was replaced by Deyan Kamenov, a vocalist who made a splash with his then-popular Star Academy TV show. The following year (2006) saw the band’s third album entitled “6”.